French illustrator Luz miraculously survived the “Charlie Hebdo” attacks. Shock runs deep. And for now, he can’t draw.

Following the attacks, he works through weeks of despair, grief, anger and bitterness in his comic “catharsis”.

It changes him. As an illustrator and as a person. Once the “Charlie Hebdo” office’s hardliner, his new comic is a plea for love.

In talks with Michael Luisier, Luz alias Renald Luzier speaks of his travels into the abyss and back. Back to life. Back to drawing.


SRF2 (Swiss Radio and TV 2), Context 6.11.2015, 9:02, «Illustrator and Trauma»






Source of text and pictures
Swiss Radio and TV (SRF), Kontext 6.11.2015, 9:02, “Zeichner und Trauma”
Swiss Radio and TV (SRF), “Life after “Charlie Hebdo” – Meeting one of the traumatized”, Michael Luisier