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“the schichtwechsel story” (the association’s first years in pictures)


Kunstverein Schichtwechsel was founded in 1989 by artists in Liechtenstein. The society’s goals were “to foster communication and collaboration between artists, and to create new spaces for this purpose”. The founding committee was made up of Regina Marxer, Monika Michels, Herbert Laukas, Ewald Frick, Bruno Kaufmann, Myriam Bargetze and Arno Oehri. Exhibitions, talks and other activities followed as the Kunstverein Schichtwechsel tried to raise money for the society. Katrin Gantenbein and Thomas G. Brunner took over scheduling activities with the long-term aim of creating an art gallery. Over the years, the board changed several times, and in 2001 Schichtwechsel was “adopted” by a group of people assembled around Vreni and Norbert Haas. 2004 saw a partially new board of managers create a location-independent model, in which 4 projects per year were handed over to external project management via “Carte Blanche” to be realized at different locations.* The last board, consisting of Arno Oehri, Hansjörg Quaderer, Werner Marxer, Ewald Frick and Tanja Hess, stepped down in May of 2010. A younger group took over management of the society in March of 2011.

In the 1980s and 90s Schichtwechsel and the Tangente-Verein, founded in 1979, were amongst the most important points of contact for artists in Liechtenstein. Several more important institutions were founded after the Millennium: The art museum Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein opened in November 2000, and was followed 2 years later by the art space Kunstraum Engländerbau and the Küefer-Martis-Huuses house. 2006 saw the establishment of the professional association of visual artists in Liechtenstein (Berufsverband Bildender KünstlerInnen Liechtenstein (BBKL)) and the opening of the Gasometer cultural center. Despite these developments, Schichtwechsel continued to play an important role in the cultural landscape of Liechtenstein as it continually impressed and surprised people with its interesting exhibitions and activities.

*All Information and citations have been taken from the following publications: verein schichtwechsel, aktionsraum für neue kunst und kommunikation (Hg.): schichtwechsel/ chronik 1989-2009. Schaan, schichtwechsel & edition eupalinos, 2009.


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