An exhibition by Kunstverein Schichtwechsel
in collaboration with Liechtensteinischen Kunstgesellschaft
and Gemeinschaftszentrum Resch

23 August – 13 September 2014
Gewächshaus Fukseriweg Schaan


«Art can consolidate a non-normative platform and evoke a sense of community based on the fact that we are all different from one another. To define community in this way is the real challenge today.»  –––– Olafur Eliasson


What does it mean to leap into the unknown and out of one’s comfort zone? The art association Kunstverein Schichtwechsel invites creatives and others who are interested to contemplate this question in the environment of a greenhouse, a temporarily space created by the association to provide an area for dialogue and collaboration.

With Danny Holcroft (GB) & Ragnar Jonasson (ICE), Ralph Büchel (LI), Adam Glinski (LI), Beate Frommelt (LI) & Billa Ciarloni (CH), Anna Haas (CH), Evi Kunkel (LI), Leni Näff (LI), Manfred Näscher (LI), Beat Ospelt (LI), Karin Ospelt (LI), Peter Ott (LI), Ayse Tüylü (LI), Kunstschule Liechtenstein, Pfadfinder Schaan, Realschule Balzers, Universität Liechtenstein.


Cooks: Yvonne Bachmann, Deli Cooks, Stephan Gstöhl, Peter Ott and Nadine Walser.

We are happy to receive further registrations for persons wanting to collaborate or enter into dialogue with each other at

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Supported by the Kulturstiftung Liechtenstein and Gemeinde Schaan

With the support of Ursula Bachmann, Kunstwerkstätten Hanspeter Leibold, BVD Druck+Verlag AG, Bernhard Frommelt, Anton & Christoph Frommelt and Ritter Transportanstalt