12 – 28 June 2014
Im Bongert, Züghüsle 18, Balzers

Kunstvereins Schichtwechsel’s exhibition “The time is now” concerns itself with the question of why people find it so hard to live in the present, and to make time for things which are important to them.

Technological advances mean we are always reachable, and we feel we can use each moment “sensibly”. Yet it is precisely this development, which makes it considerably harder for many to pause, and to ask themselves whether they really want to swim with this current. However, it is equally difficult to maneuver within newly won free space and time. This is especially the case, when people are affected by sickness, job loss or other blows of fate

One of Grimm’s fairy tales, The Town Musicians of Bremen, has this as a central theme and serves as an inspiration. In the story a donkey, dog, cat and rooster are discarded by their owners who have no use for them anymore. The animals cross paths and embark on a journey together, on which their individual talents and abilities prove their usefulness. Together they end up accomplishing many unexpected things.


Helena Becker (LI), Lukas Goller (IT), Michael Hacker (AT), Eva Rust (CH) und Adrian Scherrer (CH)

Artistic Collaborators
Primarschule Äule Vaduz with Patricia Giger and Filipe Fernandes, Realschule Balzers with Ursula Schlegel, Freiwilliges 10. Schuljahr mit John Zimmermann, Pfadfinder Schaan and Balzers

Curated by
Patricia Bachmann, Laura Hilti, Annett Höland and Cornelia Wolf, Kunstverein Schichtwechsel


Workshops for schools and groups
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Opening Times
Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 17:00
Saturday 14 and 28 June  from 15:00
Sunday 15 June 14:00 – 19:00