An exhibition by the Kunstvereins Schichtwechsel
in cooperation with the Café Alte Post

15–29 September 2012
Alte Post, Schaan (LI)


Liechtenstein has changed considerably over the last few years. Today’s youngsters can hardly imagine under what conditions their grandparents grew up. Despite this, every generation’s 20 to 30-year-olds has had similarly eventful lives. The exhibition “Es haut sie hin und her in dieser Welt” features interviews in which people talk about their youth, and also artistic pieces concerned with selected stories and people’s fortunes. The project aims to promote dialogue between generations. A continual stream of new interviews during the entire period of the exhibition is further meant to aid this.

 *The title was taken out of an essay by Arno Oehri and used in a slightly changed version.

Works by
Aline Stieger, David Buj Reitze, Eliane Schädler, Ernst Risch, Jürgen Schindler, Luigi Olivadoti, Luis Landero, Robert Hiller, Sara Bagladi, Simon Egger, Tiziana Condito und Veronika Matt

Cornelia Wolf, Laura Hilti, Mirjam Kaiser, Sara Bagladi

Graphic Design
Melanie Bagladi, Cornelia Wolf

Spacial Concept
Luis Hilti

Curated by
Laura Hilti und Cornelia Wolf, Kunstverein schichtwechsel


Thu, Fri, Sat from 16:00/ Sun from 11:00

Hotel Post, Bahnhofstr. 14, Schaan