Ein nationales Theater ohne festen Ort…

The National Theatre of Scotland has no building but instead will tour work to venues large and small all around Scotland, from Shetland in the north to Dumfries and Galloway in the south.

We will produce our own work and collaborate with other companies and individual artists, creating large-scale productions through to theatre specifically made for the smallest venues.

We are working across Scotland, independently and with local authorities, to bring drama in all its forms to schools and communities.

The National Theatre of Scotland will tour work internationally and will work in collaboration with the best international companies.

We are working with playwrights, designers, directors, youth theatres and many other artists to help further develop the pool of talent in Scotland.


Black Watch

Hurtling from a pool room in Fife to an armoured wagon in Iraq, Black Watch is based on interviews conducted by Gregory Burke with former soldiers who served in Iraq.

Viewed through the eyes of those on the ground, Black Watch reveals what it means to be part of the legendary Scottish regiment, what it means to be part of the war on terror and what it means to make the journey home again.





27 is a play about loneliness, ageing, science and the loss of our sense of self. Drawing on research contained within the book Aging with Grace by Dr David Snowdon, it is an examination of a lifestyle in decline, but one whose dignity and faith could hold the key to some of the most urgent issues of our times – our ageing population and the decline of our minds.

In 27, American scientist Dr Richard Garfield has given Ursula a difficult choice. She is soon to become the mother superior of a convent that has been given the opportunity to take part in his revolutionary scientific study. Crucially, this study would require that the nuns donate their brains after death to potentially unlock the mysteries of Alzheimer’s and dementia. Ursula must weigh up the value of preserving her faith, versus embracing science for the potential benefit of all.





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