Kunstverein Schichtwechsel

15 – 30 October 2011 
Am lediga Rank, Schaan (LI)

We move through different realities that overlap and influence each other. Some have a strong public presence, others are hardly perceived. The exhibition „Dirt keeps you warm – Greetings from the undergrowth“ focuses on that which has been figuratively devoured, is invisible and goes unnoticed. It focuses on that which we rarely perceive in everyday life. What possibilities and potential does the undergrowth have? How can its intersections with other worlds be used productively? Where can we find dirt nowadays and what effects can it have? Does dirt need to exist as a separate space or have the boundaries between the different worlds we live in become blurred?

For a period of two weeks, Kunstverein Schichtwechsel will provide a platform at the former supermarket Kaufin in Schaan for artists who concern themselves with things that are latent and not immediately visible. The store is located in a basement and is meant to act as a setting and starting point for a surprising and varied exhibition.




Sun 16, Sat 22, Sun 23, Sat 29 October 16:00-19:00
Wed 19, Wed 26 October 18:00-20:00



Jürgen Beck | Marco Eberle | Aurèle Ferrier | Beate Frommelt | Matthias Frommelt | Simon Häussle | Anna Hilti | Janto Lenherr | Reto Leuthold | Ute Lünsmann | Regina Marxer | Timo Müller | Johanna Muther | Karin Ospelt | Thomas Ospelt | Lena Reiser | Salon Liz | Marco Schädler | Denis Stoffner | Andy Storchenegger | Martin Walch | Nina Weber

Music/ Performances 
Rebekka Biedermann | Michael Büchel | Manuel Fankhauser | Kalif mit Jean Jacques Mengou Tata und Sebastian Frommelt | Kurt Kind | Late Invitation mit Sandro Nardi und Florin Büchel | Moritz Schädler | Roger Szedalik

Jacqueline Beck | Jochen Heckmann | Yukie Koji

Spacial Concept
Peter Staub | Luis Hilti

Rolling Stair Merchandise 
Mario Frick

Movie Evening
Dominik Tschütscher

Undergrowth Excursion
Jürgen Schindler

Catalogue Contributions
Michael Donhauser | Jonathan Huston | Elena Ibello | Janine Köpfli | Arno Oehri | Hans-Jörg Rheinberger | Stefan Sprenger | Günther Vogt

Teilnehmende KünstlerInnen sowie Jacqueline Beck | Martha Büchel | Michael Donhauser | Luigi Olivadoti | Hanni Schierscher | Sunhild Wollwage

Organisational, culinary and other contributions
Patricia Bachmann | Yvonne Bachmann | Barbara Batliner | Sanel Batliner | Katja Beck | Steven Beck | Caroline Büchel | Simon Frommelt | Anja Hasler | Hansjörg Hilti | Siegfried Kofler | Maria Loiacono | Martin Marxer | Armin Muhamedagic | Alex Ospelt | Toni Ospelt | Peter Ott | Jeannette Risch | TAK Techniker | Rainer Tschütscher | Fridolin Walch | Peter Walser | Ruth Wechner | Doris Wolf

Curated by
Laura Hilti | Sandro Nardi | Stefanie Thöny | Cornelia Wolf





Stiftung Fürstl. Kommerzienrat Guido Feger






With the support of Erbgemeinschaft Jehle