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“I believe that it is, first and foremost, a question of taking people seriously, and establishing a connection to their everyday life. In this context it is important to re- flect on the nature of the space which we would like to set up. I don’t consider the term ‹public space› to be particularly helpful as it remains very abstract. In contrast, the term ‹collective space› is much more interesting as it is a space where there’s life.

An exhibition is of no use to anyone when nobody comes to see it – and that has nothing to do with econom- ic viability. Even if we meet up and just drink a glass of wine, we are occupying a place for a short, collective mo- ment in time. Interesting constellations between people can arise in situations such as these. The content of the exhibition is ever present, naturally, but it only plays a role much later, in the sense that it may potentially be picked up on again within the dialogue.”

— Günther Vogt, landscape designer An interview by Laura Hilti

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Kunstverein Schichtwechsel, Vaduz (LI)
Publikationsreihe POSITIONEN & DISKURSE


Laura Hilti, Cornelia Wolf


Cornelia Wolf


David Heath

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August 2014


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