“I assume you have a local or national history museum, [with] specimens of stuffed animals, birds, etc. … We will need cooperation also with your local Botanic garden or Parks Department. Please always do your best to borrow or steal the things we want, frequently what is needed is already public property in another institution … We will need … the FREEDOM TO WORK THE MUSEUM WHEN WE CHOOSE, AT NIGHT FOR EXAMPLE”.

Aus einem Brief von Paul Thek an Jean-Christophe Amann für die Ausstellung “Ark, Pyramid – Easter”, Kunsthalle Luzern (1973).

Thek, Paul (2008): Paul Thek. Tales the Tortoise Taught Us. Margrit Brehm, Axel Heil, Roberto Ohrt (Hg.). Köln, Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther König: 141.