«I ascribe a great deal of meaning to the question of multiculturalism, as more and more societies who, generally speaking, have historically wrongly adopted a relatively isolated position – the Brits, the French, the Germans, the Iranians – now live in a world in which all of these issues have become intermingled. I refer to this as the multicultural question. How do all of these people from so many different countries and occupying the same space, find a modus vivendi to live together with others who are not like they are? What I postulate is the idea of identity as being like a seed, and while we grow, a myriad of things happen. We change every time we encounter another person – I refer to this as ‹inevitable inter-personal interaction›.»

An interview with Stuart Hall edited by Angelika Bartl
Images by Martha Büchel-Hilti
Kunstverein Schichtwechsel Publication series POSITIONEN & DISKURSE
Publisher: Laura Hilti und Cornelia Wolf 
Design: Cornelia Wolf 
Translation: David Heath

Supported by Kulturstiftung Liechtenstein
ISBN: 978-3-03824-028-0

Date of Publication: August 2014
Price: CHF 10.– + Postage

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